Australian Society For Fish Biology

Michael Hammer

Michael Hammer is a Curator of Fishes at the Museum and art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin.

His work involves biodiversity assessment and species discovery, linking the taxonomy and ecology of fishes into wider conservation issues, providing key advice to management, promoting awareness of fishes and their plight, and specific recovery action. This work is achieved through a collaborative base with partner research agencies, government and community stakeholders.

He has been a member of ASFB for 20 years, serving as an NT representative on the ASFB Executive Committee and Alien Fishes Committee and Convenor of the Threatened Fishes Committee, and was on the organising committee for the annual conference in Darwin, 2014.

Museum and art Gallery of the Northern Territory
GPO Box 4646, Darwin, NT 0801
Phone: 08 8999 8253
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