Australian Society For Fish Biology

Martin Gomon

Senior Curator of Ichthyology at Museum Victoria

Dr Martin Gomon is highly regarded an international authority on the identification and distribution of fishes based on more than 60 publications. His research interests focus on the diversity and evolution of fishes in southern Australia and throughout the world. He has been a long standing member of the Australian Society for Fish Biology and Royal Society of Victoria, holding the position of the ASFB Secretary, Council Member, Public Officer and Chair of the 2010 Conference Organising Committee.

Career History
Originally from Detroit, USA, Dr Gomon studied at Florida State University and the University of Miami where he completed his PhD on Labrid fishes of the Genus Bodianus at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science in 1979. In the USA, he received recognition and awards for his research from the International Oceanographic Foundation (Fisherman's Fellowship 1967 – 1971), Richard Bader Memorial Fund Award (University of Miami 1977), Edward C. Raney Fund Award (American    Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists 1977), and the National Science Foundation Grant for Doctoral Research. Martin travelled to Australia in 1979 to take up the newly created position of Curator of Fishes at the then National Museum of Victoria. He immediately set about reorganising the museum’s historically significant fish collection and building it to where it today ranks as the third largest in Australia. During his career, Martin has collaborated widely with scientists from Museums, CSIRO and Universities. For many students, he provided an introduction to fish biodiversity at annual field courses at the Victorian Marine Science Consortium at Queenscliff.

International Collaboration
Martin has actively collaborated with colleagues throughout Australia and internationally on a wide variety of studies, from taxonomic revisions to environmental modelling, using fish distributions to act as surrogates for habitats. Although scientific in the main, his publications also range into the realms of semi-popular and utilitarian.

Student mentoring
Since 1985, Martin has assisted at least seven students with Honours and MSC and PhD thesis including: Penelope Ajani, Cathy Rich, Georgia Cunningham, Anthony Ellis, Kristen Batten, Matthew Lockett, and Tarmo Raadik.

Major achievements
In the two editions of his books that describe the Fishes of Australia's Southern Coast, Martin and his co- authors have made an outstanding scientific contribution. This epic work was based on extensive research over a long period in collaboration with leading scientists. At a time of dwindling staff numbers and declining resources, Martin has promoted the efforts of the ichthyological taxonomists in Australia.

He was a founding member of the OzFishNet consortium of Australia’s fish taxonomists which continues to attract funding for projects such as the website “Fishes of Australian Online”. Other significant achievements include :

  • The analysis of marine fauna of Bass Strait and the taxonomy and distribution of marine fishes in Bass Strait in 1980 - 1985.
  • Survey of fauna and flora of Anderson and Shallow Inlets, and coastal waters of Cape Patterson - Inverloch and Wilsons Promontory, Victoria in 1981 - 82.
  • The    benthic,    demersal    and mesopelagic communities of South- Eastern Australian Continental Slopes in 1987 - 1990.
  • Contributed to the establishment of a National System of Marine Protected Areas by describing the marine bioregions for Australia, in 1995 - 1996.
  • Regional mapping of the South-East Marine Region at province and biome levels based on fish distribution data in 2001.
  • Validation of national demersal fish datasets for the regionalisation of the Australian continental slope and outer shelf for the National Oceans Office in 2002-2004.
  • Development of the “Fishes on Australia ONLINE” Website for the National Oceans Office with members of OzFishNet consortium since 2006.
  • Deputy chair of the Australian Fishes Barcode of Life (International Barcode of Life Project, University of Guelph) in 2007-2008

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