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Lenore Litherland

Lenore Litherland is a fisheries biologist in the Fishery Monitoring team within Fisheries Queensland. She completed her BSc (Zoology) then Hons and PhD (Marine Neuroscience) at the University of Queensland, collaborating with international research groups based in the USA along the way (HIMB, VIMS). Her research interests include the zoology, ecology, ecomorphology and neuroethology of marine animals (sharks, billfish, tuna, turtles and coral reef fish). Lenore is passionate about the sustainable use of our natural resources and her current work is focused on wild harvest fisheries in Queensland. Research involves maintaining viable long term biological monitoring programs, routine fish ageing and assessing the sustainability status of fish stocks. Lenore has been a member of ASFB since her early student years.

Fisheries Queensland, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
Phone: 07 3708 8309
Mobile: 0416 029 305